Angels of Rock is a travel show which is of the women, for the women & by the women. It features four high achieving Bollywood singers calledAngels, namely, Shalmali Kholgade, Akasa Singh, Jasmine Sandlas and Anusha Mani, supported by an all female crew for the first time ever on Indian television.

The intention of AOR is to celebrate programs and movements that have been started in India to empower women and celebrate the women who have brought and are bringing these changes in their own small/big way. They visit the all women radio station, Rudi No Radio in Gujarat; the village that plants a 111 trees every time a girl child is born, Piplantari in Rajasthan; the female firefighters of Jaipur; the breeding ground of female hockey players in Haryana amongst others.  

It is a show that covers the journey of the four Angels as they ride their motorbikes from Mumbai to the Wagah Border. It is a show that tells the journey of the Angels – not just the physical journey as they ride across India, but more so, the emotional and the human story of the angels, the impact their experiences are having on them, the questions they are beginning to ask themselves, the answers they are looking for, the fears they have to overcome, the challenges they have to tackle, while never forgetting that they are musicians and that they need to compose songs, hereby called Anthems, that celebrate the women they come across in their journey.

Angels of Rock is a show that is filled with fun, guts, happiness, sadness, tears, fears, frustrations, laughter, discomfort, music, friendship, dangers, beauty, wonderment, information, creativity, kindness, and it’s brought to you by women.

Simply, Angels of Rock is a television show that has never been seen before on Indian television. It is a show that simply shows in one frame what women can do. It is a Celebration of Women!

The show aired on MTV in July 2016.