A show that tells the stories of distressed and anxious people who have given up on their lives and how a team of experts works towards saving those troubled victims and help them see meaning in their lives.

Vandrevala Foundation

If you are disturbed or suicidal or know of someone who is, please contact on the below mentioned Helpline immediately-

Tel (India): 1 860 266 2345

Tel (Intl): +91 222 570 6000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Stories of people claimed back from the edge
  • A helpline that exists solely to counsel and rescue people who are on the brink of causing themselves harm
  • Team comprises of Dr Bhaskar who runs the NGO- Life 24x7 and his associate Ashima who assists Dr Bhaskar in dealing with every case and helps the caller in finding their inner sanctum
  • Through the call, the team also finds out details of the caller and reaches the location to render physical support and care
  • Series about stories of hope and survival in the face of debilitating circumstances
  • The show is being host by the very talented Sakshi Tanwar who portrays both an optimist and a pessimist view on the subject of that particular episode

Every episode is about a different person who is thinking of committing suicide. It throws light on their journeys, conflicts and situations that lead them to attempting suicide.