Confessions – It’s Complicated follows the sparkling story of 3 girls & a city of (mis)adventures & (mis)deeds, Mumbai. 3 girls Nupur Murthy, Sameera Saxena and Raka Ghosh move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams and make it big. The girls are urban, middle-to upper-middle class, and in their twenties, with 3 very different career paths & ambition.

The city is Mumbai, which is a character in itself, the largest urban agglomerations in the world, and a quintessential city of extremes. Beneath the banter and comic situations, flows a river of emotions – the angst of youth, the urgency of the search, the drama of falling in love & its attendants: tenderness & sorrow.

The series with an exclusive launch on Facebook, was an instant hit garnering over 11 million views in 10 weeks, with over 68,000 interactions, 55 million total impressions, 114,000 Tweet Impressions and overall reach of 50 million .