X Factor India

“Sapno ki koi Umar nahi Hoti”

A thousand hearts beating to one sound…a thousand bodies moving to one song…all this exuberance and interest can only be generated not just with a good voice but with someone who has….the X Factor!

Singing redefined…the search for a stage stunner, an all out performer set to bring about a musical revolution. Its time to leave the era of standing and singing…as its time for a singing star to be born…an idol...a performer…a trendsetter…a showman!

Since its first UK series in 2004, The X Factor has established itself as the world’s leading singing talent search. After travelling successfully across 20 territories, X Factor finds its foothold in India. Geared to elevate musical reality shows to the next level…it’s a visual spectacle never seen before… with three respectable and often feared judges who spare no words in criticizing an act.

An innovative format where for the very first time solos & groups across varied age groups will be competing on the very same platform. As the contestants move ahead, judges take on mentoring roles and each judge roots for their own teammate till the very end…and as always the final verdict always lies with the Indian public.

As auditions progress, the search is on to find one amongst a billion who can proudly proclaim…

I have the “X Factor”

X Factor soon to be launched only on Sony Entertainment Television.