Actress and judge of ‘India’s Got Talent’ Shilpa Shetty Kundra climbed up the crane to give her signature ‘Hunar Salaam’ to the Abujhmad group, after their daring performance on the show.

The Sunday episode of the talent reality show will celebrate the festival of Janmashtami in the presence of devotional singer Anup Jalota.

The ‘Top 14’ contestants of India’s Got Talent 10 promise to leave viewers awestruck with their extraordinary performances that will not only impress Anup Jalota, but also the judges — Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Badshah, and Kirron Kher.

Known for pushing the boundaries of talent and entertainment, the Abujhmad Group from Chhattisgarh will take centre stage as they give a daring performance using a towering crane. Their striking acrobatic act not only left everyone amazed, but the group also won mighty praise for showcasing precision and skill while performing the traditional sport, Malkhamb.

Talking about their performance, Shilpa Shetty said: “You’ve shown so many skills through this act. It reminded me of a troop named, ‘Cirque De Soleil’ that performs in Europe. The way you entertained us today, I was enthralled. It was a top-notch performance.”

Commending them, Kirron shared: “Fantastic! The act was both difficult and beautiful at the same time. The way you’ll manage to perform with such precision is commendable! I pray to God to keep you safe and happy always.”

Adding to the compliments, guest Anup Jalota said: “Inko Chhattisgarh ke 36 goon mil gaye. Everything about the act was amazing, but the little kid, Suresh, was outstanding.”

“When Lord Krishna was a child, he was very innocent, but when he used to step onto the battlefield, he used to be very focused, just like Lord Krishna, all of you possess the same qualities. All of you look innocent but during the performance, each exhibited fearlessness,” shared Jalota.