Actress and judge of ‘India’s Got Talent’ season 10, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has become a huge fan of ‘The Golden Girls’, saying they make excellent use of the entire stage, and their unique style with the gloves has become their signature.

This weekend, the ‘Top 14’ contestants of the talent reality show will put forward some extraordinary performances that will not only impress the judges – Shilpa, Badshah, and Kirron Kher, but also the special guests- Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday.

Renowned for their seamless moves and impeccable synchronisation, ‘The Golden Girls’ from Kolkata will create a mesmerising atmosphere with their performance to the song ‘Teri Deewani’.

Shilpa, who was highly impressed with the act, said: “I’ve become a huge fan of ‘The Golden Girls’. In dance acts, it’s quite challenging, especially when performing in groups, synchronisation is crucial, and you nail it every time on stage. You make excellent use of the entire stage; this act was superbly choreographed.”

“And your unique style with the gloves has become your signature. It’s wonderful. What a dream performance,” added Shilpa.

Talking about their performance, Ayushmann said: “I did a lot of musicals in my childhood and this act deserves to be a musical. Everyone’s contribution is so important, and coordination is crucial. I can understand how many rehearsals it must have taken. In all these performances and among all the girls, Suman, you as a guy, perform so beautifully. You have blended so well with them.”

“It’s my personal belief that every man holds a feminine energy within them. If we keep that alive, our society will become better. Suman, you have inspired me a lot,” added Ayushmann.

India’s Got Talent has been mesmerising audiences with phenomenal acts executed by skilled individuals from all walks of life.