Reality show India’s Got Talent, is a national platform for individuals to showcase their diverse skills. Handpicked across the length and breadth of the country, the talent are all set to impress the jury, consisting of the legendary Kirron Kher , the stunning Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and the uber-cool Badshah. Realising the potential of the true performers, the jury gives a go ahead by pressing the Golden Buzzer to propel participants’ journeys in the competition.

With the tagline of ‘Vijayi Vishwa Hunar Humhara,’ the show’s inaugural week received widespread acclaim for its visually spectacular acts and phenomenally gifted contestants.

And now, India’s Got Talent has created history by breaking multiple Guinness World Records , with five contestants successfully achieving record-breaking feats.

Eight-year-old Arshia Goswami set a record of 17 clean-and-jerk movements in 30 seconds by lifting a 6 kg barbell.  Bhagwani Devi, aged 95, defied all odds to become the oldest woman to throw a shot put. Aditya Kodmur’s incredible precision and speed were on full display as he broke the previous world record of piercing 17 cards in a watermelon and expertly stuck 18 cards in watermelons in under a minute.

Furthermore, Faith in Action, a Nagaland taekwondo group, achieved the highest assisted kick at a staggering 14 feet while Vikas Swami of Swami and Sons held 81 kg weights suspended from his mouth during a handstand for 5 seconds. India’s Got Talent celebrates the heroic spirit of all participants, including