The highly anticipated show ‘Telugu Indian Idol Season 3’, is all set to premiere on OTT June 7th, airing every Friday at 7 pm. The stage is ablaze with excitement as a new panel of judges and a charismatic host gear up to lead viewers on an exhilarating musical journey.

The grand launch event was a spectacle of music and talent, kicking off with an enchanting orchestral performance by Sai that set the tone for an evening of musical brilliance.

Renowned singers Karthik and Geetha Madhuri mesmerized the audience with their soul-stirring performances, while rapper Vamsi Hari injected energy with an engaging rap act introducing the esteemed judges.

Actor Sreerama Chandra, in his address, unveiled the unique twist in auditions this season, revealing that the pool of over 4,000 participants included not just vocalists but also skilled instrumentalists—a notable increase from previous editions.

Geetha Madhuri, returning for her third stint as a judge, expressed her joy and surprise at being part of the show again, sharing insights into the exceptional talents discovered during auditions, culminating in the selection of the top 12 contestants.

Karthik, reflecting on the season ahead, described it as a defining moment, praising the influx of young, talented musicians. He recounted a touching anecdote of a 15-year-old contestant whose ambition is to heal the world through music, showcasing both vocal prowess and instrumental skill.

For music director and singer Thaman, Indian Idol represents a monumental challenge akin to a “tsunami” in his life. Grateful for the opportunity, he humorously credited Allu Arvind and director Trivikram for nudging him into the judging role, underscoring the global reach of this season’s auditions, with participants spanning from the USA to Australia.

With promises of exceptional talent, heartfelt performances, and thrilling musical moments, Telugu Indian Idol Season 3 is poised to captivate audiences across the globe. Tune in starting June 7th to witness the journey of aspiring stars as they compete for the coveted title of Indian Idol.