Mumbai, Feb 11 (IANS) Menuka Poudel, the visually-impaired contestant from the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 14’, who sang ‘Aye Ishq Tujhko Salaam’, is now roped in for ‘Karmaa Meets Kismet’, another project as a playback singer starring Sanjay Mishra.

Helmed by writer-director Geetanjalli Sinha, the film also stars Farida Jalal, Alka Amin, Vaishnavi MacDonald, Amman Khann and Nupur Sharma. The film also features songs by Sonu Nigam and Sadhana Sargam.

Sharing her experience singing the song, Menuka said: “I am deeply moved by the love and blessings that seem to have paved this beautiful path for me. Being a part of this enriching movie has been an immense blessing, and its story has profoundly inspired me. This romantic Sufi song is a masterpiece that goes straight to the heart, reminding us of love in its purest form.”

She further added: “Working with Aran Sir and writer-director Geetanjalli Didi was a phenomenal learning experience. The warmth I felt during the recording session created such a comfortable space that I could pour my heart into the song without reservations. I was completely immersed in the emotion of pure, unconditional love.”

Sharing why she chose Menuka Poudel for the song, Geetanjalli Sinha said: “The honesty and purity in Menuka’s voice pulled me to her like a magnet. The same reason why she is touching millions of hearts worldwide. The song demanded a delicate balance of youthful innocence and unwavering conviction, a perfect match for Menuka’s natural vocal style.”

She added: “Her voice, imbued with a hint of divine purity, beautifully embodied the song’s innocent spirit, while her inherent confidence brought the necessary conviction to life. With eyes closed, the song transported me to a scene where only Menuka Poudel’s voice filled the air, weaving magic with each note.”